‘Just stay in the race’

When Cecil B. DeMille was making the movie Ben Hur, he decided that Charlton Heston should drive the chariot himself in that great chariot race scene, rather than just using a stunt man double. However, learning to drive a four horse chariot wasn’t easy, but after days of practice, Heston said: ‘I think I can drive the chariot all right, Cecil, but I’m not sure I can actually win the race.’ To which DeMille replied: ‘Heston, you just stay in the race, and I’ll make sure you win.’
I think that’s what God wants to say to all of us who face times of challenge: ‘You just stay in the race, and I’ll make sure you get there.’ Jesus said: ‘Make doing what God wants you to do your first priority, and he’ll provide the rest.’ When you’re in the centre of God’s will you don’t have to worry about not finishing well.

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