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Some years ago I had a flashback memory that upset me deeply. There was a boy in my primary school class from a very poor family. He had no friends. One Friday we were allowed to bring a toy to … Continue reading

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Who is the real VIP?

Charles Francis Adams was an important political figure in the nineteenth century. He kept a diary and one day he made this entry: ‘Went fishing with my son today – a day wasted.’ His son, Brook Adams, also kept a … Continue reading

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Declaring my genius

A customs officer once asked Oscar Wilde if he had anything to declare. He replied: “Only my genius.” Fifteen years later, alone and broken in prison, he reflected on his life and said. “I have been a spendthrift of my … Continue reading

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Calculated risk takers

A few years ago Cornell University conducted a survey of a wide range of people to find out what people most regret. They discovered that twice as many people were bothered more by what they did not do rather than … Continue reading

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Radical re-evaluations

Robert Oppenheimer, one of the top ten theoretical physicists in the world, has gone down in history as the man who created the Atom Bomb. But when he saw the results of what he had made, Oppenheimer underwent a radical … Continue reading

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What will they say about me?

Some years ago the Indiana Department of Social Services sent a letter to a former client which said: “Your food stamps will be stopped in March because we received notice that you passed away. May God bless you. You may … Continue reading

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No ‘Ifs’ about it.

The great pianist Artur Rubinstein said: “As long as we have what we have inside, the capacity to love, to work, to hear music, to see a flower… nothing can stop us from being happy…but we must get rid of … Continue reading

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