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Quixotic Christianity

The classic novel Don Quixote is the story of a senile Spanish gentleman, who imagines he is a knight living in the age of chivalry. He leaves home to go and fight dragons, some of which are actually windmills, and … Continue reading

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The fingerprints of God

Professor David Tacey, in his best seller ‘The Spirituality Revolution,’ says that despite the exodus from organised religion in our society, there is also a profound sense of spiritual emptiness,and a desperate search for a transcendant reality beyond the confines … Continue reading

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No slackers wanted

The newly appointed CEO of Arcelor Mittal Steel a few years ago was determined to purge the company of slackers. One morning he noticed a young man leaning against a wall. So, to show he meant business, he asked him … Continue reading

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Throwing your treasure away

There’s an ancient legend from the Black Sea of a touchstone which would turn everything you hold into gold. The only way to tell if you had one was by its warmth. Well, there was a man who became so … Continue reading

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Sharper than a sword

The London Missionary Society recorded the story of one of its missionaries, who got captured by a bandit in a forest in Sicily. The bandit was disgusted to discover the missionary’s only possession was a box of books; so he … Continue reading

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Live like a llama

Lexy Fowler, who owns a sheep property in Colorado, says she tried everything to stop coyotes killing her sheep without success – that is until she discovered llamas – those aggressive, funny-looking, afraid-of-nothing creatures from South America. “When llamas see … Continue reading

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The Indians are after me

A time management guru from the Harvard Business School observed that most of us spend too much time on the C priorities of life to the detriment of the A and B priorities. ‘The reason,’ he said, ‘is because they … Continue reading

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