Quixotic Christianity

The classic novel Don Quixote is the story of a senile Spanish gentleman, who imagines he is a knight living in the age of chivalry. He leaves home to go and fight dragons, some of which are actually windmills, and on the way he meets a prostitute name Aldonza, whom he calls the fair lady Dulcinea. She thinks it’s a great joke, but something in that crazy old man begins to make her see herself differently. And so the story goes on until he returns home, sick but now in his right mind. He is deeply distressed by the knowledge of what he had done in his period of temporary insanity. But then, in the final scene, the villagers gather round his bed and beg him to stay in this holy madness, because through him they too had started to see themselves differently and didn’t want to go back to what they had been.
It’s a powerful and timeless story of how seeing people as they could be can make them want to be that way. It’s what God does to us

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