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The misery of comparisons

There’s a story about a crow who lived happily in a wood until he heard a dove and thought how happy he would be if only he could sing like that. The dove, however, was miserable because it was envious … Continue reading

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Don’t worry about what’s outside the space

I came across an interesting piece written by a man who was touring Italy and, as most tourists do, visited the magnificent cathedrals and admired the art treasures within them. At one such cathedral he found an artist kneeling before … Continue reading

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No strings need to be pulled – just say Yes

Some years ago Robert Kirkpatrick, who was serving a sentence in a prison in Ohio, mistakenly received an invitation to a fundraising dinner in Washington to meet former President George Bush. ‘I’m going to tell him that I’d be happy … Continue reading

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How do you know it’s a good thing?

There’s an old Chinese legend of a farmer whose horse escaped. But he just shrugged and said “How do you know this is a bad thing?” Later his horse returned with a herd of wild horses, and the old man … Continue reading

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Queen’s Commission

When I became an Army chaplain I felt embarrassed that I’d been given the Queen’s Commission without having gone through the same long and gruelling military process that general service officers went through to earn theirs. Eventually it was a … Continue reading

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