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If you put a buzzard in a small pen that’s open at the top, the bird, in spite of its ability to fly, will stay a prisoner. The reason is that buzzards always begin a flight from the ground with … Continue reading

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Prisoners of our own weaknesses

During the 14th. century, a Belgian Duke named Raynald was imprisoned by his younger brother Edward in a chamber specially designed for him. It was comfortable and had windows and a very small door. Edward promised Raynald that the day … Continue reading

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Preferring prison

Some years ago Danny Villegas was sentenced to six years in gaol for robbing a bank. However, following his release, he decided he preferred prison life to working for a living. So he held up a credit union and then … Continue reading

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Look up

If you put a buzzard in a small pen it will never fly out, even if the pen is open at the top. The reason is that buzzards always take off after running about three metres. Without space to run, … Continue reading

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