Forgiveness and new starts

It’s hard to imagine anything more tragic than the death of nine-year-old Josiah Sisson, run down by a drunk driver on Christmas day, while out enjoying the Christmas lights with his family. And it’s hard to imagine anything more amazing than the sight of Josiah’s father, Karl, embracing that young driver and forgiving him. But Karl Sissons, who is the pastor of a Brisbane church, and his wife Bonny believe that forgiveness and new starts are what the message of Christ is all about, and that Christmas is the celebration of that story that ended at Easter with Jesus last words including his prayer that God would forgive those who were torturing and killing him. Karl and Bonny Sissons know that one day they will be reunited with their little boy. But in the meantime, they stand as a shining example of what it means to be a Christian.

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