Conforming to the mask

Fredrick Beuchner wrote a story called ‘The Happy Hypocrite,’ about a man born with a facial deformity. He grew up alone and lonely. When reaching adulthood, he decided to move from his town to begin a new life. On his way, he discovered a beautiful mask that was able to fit his face and actually made him look handsome. At first, the mask was uncomfortable, and he was afraid that people would find out what he really looked like; but he continued to wear it. Eventually, he fell in love. But one day a cruel woman from his old home came to his town and realised who he was. In front of his friends and fiancé, she forced him to remove his mask. But when he removed it, it revealed a handsome face. Over the years, his face had conformed to the mask.
And that’s what happens to us when we, as the Bible says, ‘put on Christ.’ Inwardly, we change too.

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1 Response to Conforming to the mask

  1. Ruby Parry says:

    Hello Bob,
    This is soo beautiful and so true. A lovely story. Just love it, and your messages each day, warms the heart,
    Kind regards,

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