The Called and the Chosen

I read about a woman who, some years ago, booked the Hyatt Hotel in Boston for a thirteen thousand dollar wedding banquet. Unfortunately, her fiancée then decided he didn’t want to get married. Worse still, the Hyatt told her she was only eligible for a ten percent refund. So she went ahead with the banquet and changed the menu to boneless chicken – in honour of the groom – and instead of inviting Boston’s wealthy, she filled the Hyatt Hotel with homeless people and gave them the time of their lives. It became a modern-day version of the story Jesus told about how God calls the poor and the marginalized to His eternal banquet after the proud sophisticates have shown they are not interested.
‘Many are called,’ the Bible says, ‘But few are chosen.’ And the ‘few’ are those who recognize what they are being invited to.

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