Virtual reality is a poor substitute

The American Congress, a few years ago, passed a law that entitles deceased war veterans to have a bugler play at their funerals. However there’s a problem; there are very few buglers around these days. So Congress decreed that a CD player may be used in place of a live bugler, and, to give the effect, a new instrument has been created which looks like a bugle but is actually a CD player. When the musician hits the play button, a red and green light comes on. He then has five seconds to get the imitation bugle to his lips before the recording starts. Not surprisingly, this “bugler” faces away from the mourners, so they can’t see the flashing lights. But no matter how well intentioned, virtual reality is a poor substitute for the real thing.
And nowhere is that more-so than in trying to fill the God-shaped hole within us.

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