Freedoms that destroy freedom

Some years ago Enron filed the largest bankruptcy in US history. The following year Fast Company magazine reported the story of Phyllis Anzalone who had been with Enron for five years selling energy supply contracts. Her earnings quickly went to six figures. At first her reaction was: ‘I’m glad I did it. It was like being on steroids every day.’ But when Enron went bankrupt, she lost a million dollars, and her attitude, though still positive, changed focus. She said: ‘The whole Enron debacle was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. I was so emotionally attached to that company, and it took so much life out of me.’
It reminds me that the Bible says: You know from experience that there are some freedoms that destroy ‘so-called’ freedom…But offer yourself to the ways of God and the freedom will never end.’

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