You’re on your own now, Buddy

They tell me that in America you can buy a St Christopher statue that can be wired up to your car’s odometer, and St Christopher, who is the patron saint of travellers, promises to look after you as you drive – that is until the odometer reaches eighty miles an hour, at which point the statue begins to glow red and a sign lights up that says, ‘You’re on your own now, Buddy.’
Maybe there’s a parable in this for us too. The Bible says that the presence of Jesus in our lives empowers us to overcome those things we often feel ashamed of and sometimes feel powerless over. But if we deliberately put ourselves into situations where those weaknesses are stimulated, there comes a point where we are on our own too.
‘Put on the Lord Jesus,’ the Bible says, ‘And don’t let yourself think about how to gratify the things you know you’ll regret.’

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