Knowing how much is enough

The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle used to teach that virtue was the mid-point between two extremes. So, for example, there is recklessness on one extreme and cowardice on the other; but courage is the mid-point. It’s neither being fearless, like a reckless person who hasn’t the sense to be afraid; nor is it to be paralysed by fear. Courageous people face their fear and do what has to be done. For Aristotle it was all about keeping things in balance.
Keeping things in balance is also part of the ancient wisdom of the Bible. Take contentment for example. The Book of Proverbs says: ‘Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me just as much as I need.’ Anything less is a worry and anything more is fine if you receive it, but not necessary for happiness. But knowing how much is enough, that is contentment.

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