‘At his age you’d think he would have learned to hate a little more.’

In the midst of South Africa’s struggle against apartheid, one of the most respected voices for racial harmony and human dignity was Archbishop Desmond Tutu. But even his closest colleagues were sometimes upset by his moderation and wished he’d be more aggressive with his opponents. One of them once said: ‘At his age you’d think he would have learned to hate a little more.’ But Desmond Tutu believed in the gospel and he was true to it. He knew that love is more powerful than hate and is the only thing that will finally overcome it.
‘There is no fear in love,’ the Bible says, ‘For perfect love casts out fear.’ When we reach the end of our life’s journey, the only things that will count are, as the Bible says, ‘faith, hope and love. And the greatest of these is love.’

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