Better to be slow-tempered than famous.’

A few years ago an armed intruder held up a bank in California, deliberately targeting a quietly spoken, middle-aged female teller. He handed her a note demanding money or her life. She reached for the cash drawer, then, looking at the note again, her eyes flashed. She pulled the entire cash drawer out, but instead of giving him money, she beat him over the head with it. With that, the robber turned and ran. Police later caught him in a nearby shrubbery. When they asked her why she risked her life like that, having been about to give him money and then suddenly flying into a rage, she said, ‘In his note there was a very bad word.’
Well, even if it does only takes one word to turn a pussy cat into a tiger, it’s probably wise to remember that wisdom from the Bible that says: ‘It’s better to be slow-tempered than to be famous.’

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