My Daddy’s the pilot

I know of a minister who once took a flight that unexpectedly passed through a violent storm. The turbulence was so great that the aircraft was tossed around like a cork. He said: ‘ I could see that nearly all the passengers were alarmed and some were praying. Then, I saw a little girl, her feet tucked beneath her as she sat reading a book. Sometimes she closed her eyes, then she would read again; but worry and fear were not in her world.’
When the plane finally landed and its passengers thankfully disembarked, he asked her why she’d been so calm. Her answer was: ‘Because my Daddy’s the pilot and he’s taking me home.’
It reminds me of that old Sunday School hymn about Jesus piloting his disciples safely through the storm at sea; ‘With Christ in my vessel I can smile at the storm, and he will guide me home.’

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