‘Jesus, this is Jim.’

Bruce Howell used to tell the story of Jim, a Londoner who, every day at Noon, would slip into a church where he would sit quietly for five minutes and then depart. The minister of that church got to recognise him and one day got close enough to watch what he did, and he heard him say: ‘Jesus, this is Jim.’ And that’s all he said. He came to expect Jim’s five-minute visits and would always greet him as he left. But then the visits stopped. He asked around and eventually found out that Jim was dangerously ill in hospital. So, he went to visit him and found him all alone in a ward for the terminally ill. Jim was glad to see him and said: ‘They’ve left me here to die, you know. But it’s OK. Jesus has spoken to me.’ ‘And what did he say?’ The minister asked. Jim replied: ‘He just said: ‘Jim, this is Jesus.’

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