Worry – a disease of the spirit

There’s an old parable about a man meeting the Grim Reaper, who told him he was going to take 100 people that day. But 1,000 people died, and that evening he met Death again and accused him of breaking his word. But Death replied: ‘I kept my word. I only took a hundred people. Worry took the others.’
That parable illustrates what the US National Mental Health Committee reported a few years ago – half of all the people in America’s hospitals are constant worriers. Mental distress can lead to everything from migraine headaches to depression. It’s the greatest enemy of quality of life. Worry, essentially, is a disease of the spirit, for its beginning signals the end of faith. The only cure for it is faith – that simple trust that whatever happens, God is at work in all things for the good of those that love Him.

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