Is there life after birth?

There’s an old story about a twin sister and brother talking to each other in the womb. She said: ‘I believe there’s life after birth!’ But he disagreed: ‘No, this is all there is.’ But the little girl insisted that there had to be something more; but she couldn’t convince her brother. Then she said: ‘And that’s not all, but I think there’s a mother!’ ‘What are you talking about?’ he said. ‘I’ve never seen a mother and neither have you.’ Finally, she said: ‘Don’t you feel this pressure sometimes? It’s can be quite painful.’ ‘Yes,’ he answered. ‘But what’s special about that?’ ‘Well,’ she said, ‘I think this pressure is there to get us ready for another place, much better than this, where we’ll see our mother face to face!’
Is there life after birth? Sounds very much like the question of is there life after death

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