Light in the Darkness

There a few things lovelier than candlelight. When we want to create a romantic mood nothing does it better. When we want to remember a loved one, nothing expresses our feelings more deeply than lighting a candle. One candle is all it takes to dispel the darkness of a room and one candle is all it takes to dispel our fear of the dark. The gentleness of candlelight has always been seen as a symbol of Christ’s presence. The Bible describes his coming into the world as light shining in the darkness, giving light to all people. The prophet Isaiah wrote of him, “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light. They lived in a land of shadows, but now light is shining on them.” So, this Christmas, when you find your gaze irresistibly drawn again to the Christmas candles, remember that Jesus is the light who shines also to bring comfort, hope and guidance for you.

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