It’s the Last Laugh that Counts

Listening to the more strident members of the current batch of atheist fundamentalists one might easily get the impression that they have a monopoly on intellect, dismissing faith and belief in a spiritual reality as nothing more than ignorance and superstition. But when one of their own defects from their ranks, as did Professor Antony Flew, who for the past half century set the agenda for modern atheism, but then just before his death wrote a book entitled: ‘There is a God – How the World’s most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind’, they respond with an off the cuff dismissal, saying: ‘he went senile.’ But, as the old saying goes, ‘He who laughs last laughs longest;’ and I suspect Antony Flew is having a chuckle right now – like God, of whom the scripture says, ‘He who dwells in the heavens looks at our rantings and laughs.’

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