Do You Know Where Hell Is…?

When the first missionaries preached the gospel to the Eskimos they were discouraged because, despite their passionate preaching, it was clear the message wasn’t getting across. They preached such graphic sermons about the fires of hell that the Eskimos, who lived in one of the coldest places on earth, all decided they would really like to go there, and consequently decided to live in such a way that they would be sure to do so. So the missionaries had to reshuffle their language and reinterpret hell as a place of unimaginable cold. It worked and the results improved dramatically.
Well, whether it’s hot, cold or something else, the idea of what hell is like depends a lot on your perspective. But one thing I do believe is that when you take love out of life you get a taste of hell. And when you take it away for ever, that’s where you are.

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