Someone Thinks You’re Wonderful

There’s a lovely story about a famous tenor, who, some years ago, was scheduled to perform to a packed crowd at the Paris Opera House. But just before the performance began the manager took the stage and anounced that the star of the show had been taken ill and his understudy would be singing in his place. An audible groan of disappointment ran through the auditorium. The replacement tenor gave the performance everything he had, but when he’d finished, there was silence; no one applauded. Suddenly, from the balcony, a little boy stood up and shouted, “Daddy, I think you are wonderful!” The crowd then broke into thunderous applause.
We all need people in our lives who are willing to stand up once in a while and say, ‘I think you are wonderful,’ because God thinks we’re wonderful, even if our deeds aren’t.

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