It Takes Three to Make a Great Relationship

They say that the most difficult years of a marriage are those after the wedding. Well, we all know that it takes two people to make it success, but it only takes one to make it a failure. That’s why people everywhere love to give advice to those about to take the plunge. In China, for example, they advise that arguing with your wife is as useless as trying to blow out a light globe. In France they tell girls that husbands are like fires: if they are left unattended, they go out. And there’s a pearl of wisdom from England that says that more people would celebrate golden weddings if more people practiced the golden rule. But I think the Arabs have got a point when they say: ‘When buying a camel or taking a wife, shut your eyes and commend yourself to God.’ Because it takes three to make a great relationship: two people who love each other and God, who loves them both.

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