Alive in our Hearts

Anna Pavlova was probably the greatest ballerina of all time. But her most memorable performance took place after her death. She was to play the role she made famous, the Dying Swan, at the Apollo Theatre in London. Tragically, she caught pneumonia and died two days before the event. However, on opening night, a packed house watched the curtain rise and a spotlight bathe the stage in a pool of light where Anna should have been. And, as the light danced and the orchestra played, they could still see her, and when the music stopped, they gave her her greatest ovation ever. An empty stage with only a spotlight, but in their hearts she was alive.
It reminds me that for people of faith, the remembrance of Jesus Christ is all that and more. He said, “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am..”

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1 Response to Alive in our Hearts

  1. I know not what else to do. My life is not my own. I live for you. This heart, it beats for you alone. These hands wish only to serve and to do thy will. I follow thee day to day, hoping for a crumb from thy bountiful table, as I’m never full for long; watching and waiting for a glimpse of thee. The days that my Lord shows Himself to me, my heart feels two sizes bigger and I dance with such joy that my feet barely touch the ground. Oh love, oh love, my heart has never known you… till now.

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