Can’t You Hear the Bells

I read about a blind man who was invited to a wedding in a very picturesque village chapel.After the service the bridegroom’s mother said to the blind man: ‘What a pity that you couldn’t see the chapel. It really is so lovely, and such a pretty garden.’ But he just shrugged his shoulders and thought to himself: ‘Didn’t she hear the bells?’ For him the sound of the pealing bells before and after the ceremony had been magical. He was enchanted by their tones and patterns. They had filled his heart with a sense of joy and sacredness.
It reminds me that few of us use all our senses to the fullest, and the beauty of that which is sacred can come to us in many ways. Jesus said: ‘Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.’ Spiritual joy doesn’t come from what we have on the outside, but rather from what is within us.

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