Finding Our Song

Annie Chapman tells about a woman she found sitting sadly alone at the back of the church after everyone had left. She sat down next to her and the woman began to tell her story. Her oldest son suffered from muscular dystrophy and had spent his life in a wheelchair.Her other two children had a variety of learning and emotional difficulties. Then she whispered, “I’m married to a mean, hateful man who makes my life miserable. And I buried my father this week. At the funeral I learned he’d disinherited me because he hated my husband. So I came here to ask God to kill my husband. I told him I feel like a bird in a cage. And then, when I prayed that prayer, God spoke to me as clearly as I’ve ever sensed His voice. He said, ‘Even a bird in a cage sings.’ So now I guess I need to find my song.”
Perhaps some of us do, too.

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