Eyes that do not see

Russell H Conwell, in his famous lecture entitled ‘Acres of Diamonds’, used to tell the story of a Pennsylvania farmer, whose cousin was in the oil business and refused to give him a job until he’d studied hard enough to show he knew how to find oil. So he pursued his studies, then sold the farm for eight hundred and thirty three dollars and went off to make his fortune. The new owner, however, while watering his cattle, noticed a plank the previous owner had laid across a stream to catch the scum that floated on the surface. He was intrigued by this substance and had it analysed. The report that came back declared it was oil, and that farm went on to produce millions of barrels of it. But the previous owner, who was obsessed with finding oil somewhere else, had been damming it up for years. Just like many of us who are convinced our happiness lies somewhere else because we’ve never opened our eyes to what God has already given us

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