A butterfly called hope

The ancient Greeks had a story about a beautiful girl named Pandora, who married Epimetheus. One day Mercury, the messenger, sent them a box. It was for them to enjoy but they were not to open it. Well, of course, like Eve in the Bible story of the forbidden fruit, it became the thing Pandora desired most to do. So she did and looked inside. Out flew swarms of insects, and both lovers were stung with the poison of suspicion, hatred, fear and malice. Epimetheus became bitter and Pandora wept with a broken heart. But then they heard a tiny voice that said: “Let me out, to sooth your pain.” So they opened the box again, and out flew a butterfly which touched them and healed their pain. The butterfly was called hope.
It is still hope that sustains us – hope in the eternal love of God that brings forgiveness and healing

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