Humming birds and vultures

There are two particular types of bird native to the deserts of the American South West.One is the hummingbird and the other is the vulture. Vultures live off the rotting meat of the desert, and that’s what they look for. But hummingbirds seek out the colourful blossoms of desert plants. The vultures fill themselves with things that are dead and rotten, while hummingbirds feed on what is alive and beautiful. And each finds what it is looking for – as we all do. Jesus taught the same thing – in life there are two types of people: the scavengers who feed on other people’s misfortune, and those who find their joy in beauty and love. And like those desert birds, both find what they are looking for.
The Bible puts it this way, ‘Keep your minds on what is true, pure, right, and proper…and God who gives peace will be with you

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