Don’t give up

Have you ever wondered how come a can of WD 40 got such a strange name? Well the W D stands for ‘water displacement’, and 40 refers to the number of times the inventors tried to develop a formula that actually works. They had a great idea but it took forty attempts to get it right. The message is, when you’ve got a dream and you know it’s a good one, don’t give up. Don’t quit because you are tired, or because you’ve failed, or because there are obstacles in your way.
But the greatest dream of all is to fulfil that sense we have that we are here in this life for some special purpose; and that truly is a lifetime journey of discovery. So next time you see a can of WD 40 remember that the Bible says ‘Don’t become tired of doing good, the time will come when we will reap a harvest, if we don’t give up.’

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