Why does everybody call me ‘Fruit stand.’

When the San Francisco hippie community started to move to cheaper areas down the coast, pre-schools in Santa Cruz got an influx of children with names like Frisbee, Moonbeam, Timewarp and Precious Promise. The strangest one, however, was a little boy who turned up wearing a name card that said Fruit Stand. It wasn’t the name that worried the teachers, though. it was just that Fruit Stand never responded when they addressed him. It wasn’t until the end of the day, when they turned his name card over to see where his his bus was to depart, that they realised his name actually was Anthony. His mother had mistakenly pinned the card on him back-to-front with his name on the back and his bus departure location on the front.
But even when parental mistakes give us a bad start, underneath we still are who we are, and with God’s help we can turn that card round and reveal it.

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