The most beautiful things are not seen but felt

I remember hearing about one of those great Sydney characters of yesteryear, a celebrated open –air preacher named Roy Gordon, who was being constantly interrupted by an interjector who said it was nonsense to believe in things you can’t see. Eventually Roy got tired of the man’s interuptions and said to him: ‘So you don’t believe in anything you can’t see?’ ‘No,’ said the interjector. ‘Well turn round and look at that shop window,’ he said; and when the man did so, he lashed out with his foot and booted him in the backside. ‘You didn’t see that, did you,’ he said. ‘But I bet you felt it.’
Well, in a slightly more sophisticated way, Denzel Washington, the famous American movie star, said: ‘Why do we close our eyes when we pray, cry, kiss or dream? It’s because the most beautiful things in life are not seen but felt by the heart.’

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