Revelations from a ‘worry table’

One night a man whose wife lived in fear of burglars heard a noise in the house and phoned the police, who responded and actually caught a burglar downstairs. Before they took him away the man said ‘I want you to take him upstairs. My wife’s been waiting ten years to meet him.’
It reminds me of the woman who realized that worry was ruining her life, so she made a “worry table” and discovered that 40% of her worries will never happen; 30% were about things that can’t be changed; 12% were about other people’s criticism – mostly untrue, 10% were about her health, which was getting worse because of worry; and only 8% was related to real problems.
The only effective antidote to worry is faith – the sort that says: ‘my life is in God’s hands, and there’s nothing we can’t handle together.’

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