The holiest Holy Communion

James W. Moore of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in Houston tells a story about one of his minister friends. His name is Tom and, despite a very heavy schedule, every month he would go to the homeless shelter in his city to work in their soup kitchen. Afterwards he would invite people to the little chapel where he would serve them Holy Communion. On one occasion he came to a homeless man named Josh. Josh looked up and whispered: ‘Skip me.’ ‘Why?’ Tom asked. Josh said: ‘Because I’m not worthy.’ Tom said: ‘Well neither am I. So, I’ll come back to you, and after that I want you to serve it to me.’ Josh said: ‘Is that legal?’ ‘It is in God’s sight!’ Tom answered. Then, when he came back he said: ‘Josh, here is the Body and the Blood of Christ given for you. Take it in remembrance that Christ died for you.’ Then he said to Josh: ‘Now, you serve me.’ Josh took the trays and whispered: ‘Body – Blood – for you, Hang in There!’
In telling this story later Tom Said: ‘I’d never heard the words “Hang in There” in a communion service before. But it was the holiest Holy Communion I’d ever had.’

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