Gambling my soul

I heard about a bit of anti-religious graffiti quoting the philosopher Nietsche. It said: ‘God is dead – Nietsche.’ But then someone added another line which said: ‘Neitsche is dead – God.’ Which line had it right do you think? Well, if history is anything to go by then Neitsche’s discredited ideas that so influenced Adolf Hitler have gone, like Nietsche, the way of death. But as for God, like the old hymn says, ‘His truth is marching on.’
But if I’m going to gamble my soul on this question, I think I’d take the advice of another philosopher, Pascal, and say, if Neitsche is right and I am wrong, then I’ve lost nothing and he’s gained nothing. But if he was wrong and I am right, I’ve gained everything and he has lost everything.
As the Bible says: ‘Reverence of God is basic to all wisdom.’

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