The advantages of being cut down to size

The story goes that the University of Tennessee’s football coach bought a bolt of cloth and took it to his tailor in Knoxville, who measured it, looked at him and said, “I’m sorry, coach, there just isn’t enough material here to make a suit for you.” Some weeks later he was in another state, whose team was the sworn rival of the University of Tennessee. He noticed a tailor shop and thought he’d try again. This tailor measured him and the bolt of cloth, then announced he could make a suit and an extra pair of pants out of it. The coach said, ‘In Knoxville they told me they couldn’t even make one suit out of it.” The tailor said, “Well Coach, in this town, you ain’t nearly as big a man as you are in Knoxville.” Which reminds us that being cut down to size isn’t always a bad thing.

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