The gold that lasts forever

Michael Phelps, who had already won five gold medals in the Athens Olympics, seemed certain to win another in the four by four hundred medley relay. Ian Crocker though hadn’t been so fortunate. Fighting flu symptoms all week, it seemed that he would go home without a medal. Phelps, however, gave up his spot in the four by four hundred medley relay, giving Crocker a shot at the gold. When told of the gesture, Ian Crocker nearly wept. ‘I’m kind of speechless,’ he said. ‘It’s a huge gift … It makes me want to go out and tear up the pool.’ And that’s what he did and helped his team shatter its own record, winning the gold.
I’m sure history will record Michael Phelps’ winning five gold medals; but what he’ll really be remembered for is his nobility of character; and that’s the gold that lasts forever.

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