Six degrees of separation, but only two from God

According to the concept known as the Six Degrees of Separation everyone can be connected to everyone else by no more than six steps. To test this a magazine asked Ben Ghaly, an Iraqi immigrant, to nominate who he would most like to be linked to. Ghaly chose Marlon Brando. It took some months to test the theory, but they did it. A friend of Ghaly’s works in the same company as Ken Carson, who is the boyfriend of Michelle Bevin, who is the sorority sister to Christina Kutzer, who is the daughter of Patrick Palmer, who produced a movie in which Brando starred. However, it seems that Marlon Brando hasn’t yet answered any of Ben Ghaly’s calls.
But the really good news is that each of us is no more than two steps from God. Jesus, who said that he is ever standing at our heart’s door, also said: ‘If you know me you know God.’

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