Virtue is not a commodity

There’s a story about a wealthy man who gave his minister a cheque for fifty thousand dollars made out to the church. The minister, however, handed it back and said: ‘Go and cash it in for five dollar bills and then spend them one at a time doing the Lord’s work.’ ‘But that will take the rest of my life!’The rich man protested. ‘You’re right!’ answered the pastor. ‘And that is the point!’
Well, there’s a message for us in that too. In a world dominated by money, it’s easy to think that we can buy virtue if we have the money to do so. But virtue is not a commodity to be purchased, it is an attitude towards life that reveals itself in a multitude of random acts of kindness and expressions of love.
‘And now abides faith, hope and love,’ the Bible says. ‘But the greatest of these is love.’

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