Prayers that become a curse

The ancient Greeks had a story about Aurora the goddess of the dawn, who fell in love with Tithonus, a mortal youth. So Zeus the king of the gods, offered her any gift she might choose for her lover; and she chose that Tithonus might live forever. Unfortunately, she forgot to ask that he might also stay young; and so Tithonus just kept on growing older, and could never die. And so it was that the answer to Aurora’s prayer became a curse rather than a blessing.
There’s a lesson in this for us and the way we pray, too. In our ignorance we can easily ask for things that at the time seem good, but would end up destroying us. That’s why Jesus taught us first and foremost to pray that God’s will be done in our world and in our lives. He then gave us his own example: saying to God: ‘not my will but yours be done.’

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