‘How I wished I still had my religion’

In his autobiography, Arthur Miller tells of his marriage to Marilyn Monroe, and how he watched her descend into depression and despair. As they grew apart he feared for her life as her paranoia grew and drug dependence increased. One evening, while she was sleeping, he stood watching her. ‘I found myself straining to imagine miracles,’ he writes. ‘What if she were to wake and I were able to say, “God loves you, darling,” and she were able to believe it! How I wished I still had my religion and she hers.’
I think there are many people who could say the same; seemingly too sophisticated and worldly wise to have faith, but inwardly wishing they did. Yet all they have to do is follow what their hearts tell them. ‘Seek, and you shall find,’ Jesus said. ‘When you call on me, I will answer.’

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