Memories that never leave us

Some years ago I had a flashback memory that upset me deeply. When I was seven there was a boy in my class from a very poor family. He had no friends in the class. On a day when we were allowed to bring a toy to school I brought an extra toy car and gave it to him. I can still remember the joy in his eyes. He was playing with it when my best friend told me I should have given that car to him because the other kid already had a book. So, under the weight of peer pressure, I took the car off that boy and gave it to my friend. And forty years later, when I had the flashback, all I could see was the pain in that kid’s eyes, and I knew I couldn’t go back and change it.
That memory speaks to me of a deep spiritual reality: the consequences of how we treat people in this life we carry with us into eternity

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