Does the wind shake the trees or the shaking trees cause the wind?

GK Chesterton once said that there are two types of people in the world: those who believe that the wind causes trees to shake, and those that believe that it’s the trees shaking that causes the wind. He went on to say that in the past, everyone believed it was the wind that caused the trees to shake, but nowadays he wonders if it might be the other way round. He was commenting, perhaps a little facetiously, about the tendency of people today to assume that basic reality is only in what they see, hear and touch, rather than being the result of something greater that cannot be verified by the senses.
It reminds me of words attributed in the Bible to Saint Peter who said: ‘Remember this, in the last days mockers are going to have a heyday. Reducing everything to the level of their own puny feelings.’

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