The future doesn’t belong to the conquerors

A French schoolmaster once wrote a report on of one of his students that said :‘He is the smallest, the meekest, the most unpromising boy in my class.’ Half a century later, that same boy, now a man was voted the greatest living Frenchman. His name was Louis Pasteur, the founder of modern medicine. A national holiday was declared in his honour. He was too old and weak to attend the ceremony, so he sent a message to be read by his son. It said: ‘The future belongs not to the conquerors but to the saviours of the world.’
Many of us have had unpromising starts to life, and we may never become famous like Pasteur, but God’s estimate of the value of our lives will be according to that very same principle. Jesus said: ‘If you want to be great in God’s Kingdom, learn to be the servant of all.’

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