Just come home

G. K. Chesterton was a brilliant man, who thought deep thoughts and expressed them powerfully in his writings. However, he was also extremely absent-minded, and over the years he became notorious for getting lost. He would often forget where he was supposed to be and what he was supposed to be doing. On one such occasion he sent a telegram to his wife, which said: ‘Darling, I’m lost again. Presently, I am at Market Harborough. Where ought I to be?’ And, as only a wife could, she telegraphed back a one-word reply which just said ‘HOME!’
I suspect that that might be the same answer God tries to give us when our waywardness leaves us wondering where our lives have got to, and where we ought to be. God just says: ‘Come to me all you who labour and are heavy laden…’ ‘Just come home.’

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