Knowing where to look

Someone once asked the famous sceptic Bertrand Russell what the first thing would be that he’ll say to God when he meets Him. He replied that if he were to actually meet such a being he’d ask Him why He made the evidence for His existence so hard to find.
I suppose it all has to do with perceptions. Many people look at the wonders of the Universe and see the presence of God. Others look at them and see the end result of natural processes. I suspect most of us would like to have some sort of encounter that would clear the question up for us beyond doubt. But to find that evidence we have to know where to look.
In this respect I think the Russian novelist Doestoevsky got it right when he said, ‘He who seeks for God should not look for Him in the empty firmament of the mind, but in love.’ For, as the Bible says, ‘ God is love.’

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