Those who look for beauty will see it everywhere,

A man walking through Times Square, where the sounds of the city are almost deafening, told his friend he could to hear a cricket. His friend said he didn’t believe him until the man walked to a small shrubbery and, sure enough, found a small cricket. ‘It all depends on what you’re listening for’ he said. Then, to prove his point, he dropped a handful of coins onto the pavement, and, with the noise of the crowded street still blaring in their ears, every head within twenty feet turned and looked to see if the money was theirs. ‘See what I mean?’ He said. ‘You can always hear the things that mean the most to you.’
That’s why the Bible says ‘Whatever is pure, noble and lovely, think on these things.’ Those who look for beauty will see it everywhere, just as those who look for dirt will always find it.

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