What we will find in the next world

George Ritchie is an American psychiatrist who wrote a book titled ‘Return from Tomorrow.’ It is an account of his own near death experience, and in it he describes many of those elements that we hear from others who have been pronounced clinically dead and who have later revived. The most dramatic was his encounter with a being of light, whom he identifies as Jesus. The most overwhelming part of the encounter was the feeling he had of absolute love emanating from this being, and the clear question coming to him, though not spoken in human words, What have you done with your life?
Like most people who have reported such experiences, George Ritchie’s life was turned right around, and he concludes it all by saying; ‘As for what we will find in the next world what we will find in the next world … I believe that what we’ll discover there depends on how well we get on with the business of loving here.’

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