If you really exist, let me know

I got an email recently from a person I hadn’t seen for thirty years. I first met her when she was quietly going mad because of loneliness, separated from everyone she knew. We became good friends; but the one thing we never talked about was religion, because she was an atheist. Then one day I bumped into her at a shopping mall and she challenged me to prove to her there is a God. I told her I could no more prove it than she could disprove it; but if she honestly wanted to know she should just pray: ‘God, if you really exist, let me know.’
Four days later she telephoned me and her first words were: ‘Bob, I know God is real.’ I asked her what had happened. She said nothing had happened. She’d been praying as I’d suggested and that morning she woke up and just knew.
I guess it’s what Jesus meant when he said, ‘Seek and you shall find.’

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1 Response to If you really exist, let me know

  1. memoirsofkeisha says:

    Wow, that’s an awesome testimony!

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